Our steel art display pedestals are perfect to display any type of artwork in a home or gallery. Choose from some of our existing styles below, or we can work with an idea of your own. Pedestals can come in a variety of sizes and finish to best compliment the artwork.

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Luna Pedestal Series

The Luna pedestals offer a simple, yet pleasing, modern design. They typically come with a half inch top and base plate with the legs being one and half inch square tubing. They have a smooth and contemporary look to them.


Nakima Pedestal Series

The Nakima Pedestals feature posts with scroll accents and can come with square or rectangular tops and base plates. Larger sizes come with four posts, while smaller sizes just have two posts.

Art display pedestal

Aurora Pedestal Series

The Aurora pedestals include four round posts with a round base and top plate.


Minerva Pedestal Series

The Minerva pedestals feature a single post for a clean, sleek look. The top and base plates can be 3/8" to 1/2" thick with either a square or rectangular shape. With the welds on the inside of the post, these are an elegant way to display your artwork.